Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society

Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society

We finally sent our book Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society to the publisher, Last Gasp after two years of collecting & collating material, writing, editing, laying out pages, arguing, agreeing, crying, laughing, puking… all the stuff that happens when three people embark on a mammoth and important project… My co-authors Kevin Evans and Carrie Galbraith, two of the most talented folks I know, have done a remarkable job. We hope to have the book on the street by sometime in December. Now that the hard(est) work is done, we’ll be resting up for a bit and then starting the grueling process of “selling” it and getting the book out to people who will find it amusing, or better yet, of some use. It’s 320 full color pages of non-stop Cacophony. We cover the period between the founding of the Suicide Club in February of 1977 through 2009. We were fortunate to get Portland Cacophonist and Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk to write us a very funny foreward, and for Improv Everywhere originator Charlie Todd’s afterword and “Encouragement to Future Pranksters.” Longtime friend, Cacophonist and recently outed Billboard Liberation Front propagandist Stuart Mangrum provided us with a brilliant “how-to-manual” for aspiring Cacophonist/pranksters. He calls it his Cacophony 12 Step Program. Stay tuned for more…..