John Law, Central Services, Oakland California

with Louise Jarmilowicz delivering Communiversity catalogues to the people (man!) in 1978


Lime Point from atop the Golden Gate Bridge. 1984(?) photo J. Law

I was raised in the Midwest and dreamed about bridges from a very young age. I attended the first Suicide Club initiation a year after my arrival in San Francisco in 1976 and through his apprenticeship in that saturnalian cabal came to know many of the world’s greatest bridge spans. It is my great good fortune to be affiliated with singular organizations (past & present) such as Survival Research Labs, Dark Passage, The Cacophony Society, PeopleHater, SeemenCircus Redickuless, S.F. Cyclecide, and The Madagascar Institute to name a few. I joined Laughing Squid as a partner in 1999. I was involved in the genesis of the Cacophony Society in 1986 (though not an official “founder”) and was for decades an integral instigator in this group. I was present at the inception events for Seattle, Portland and Brooklyn Cacophony and was happily involved with LA and Detroit Cacophony over the years of their existence.

I have been a tenant of the fabulous Oakland Tribune Tower since 1996 and have serviced the neon clocks and letters since 1988.

San Francisco Cacophony Society Annual Golden Gate Bridge Formal Dinner, 1990(?) with Amelia X and Carrie Galbraith

photo by OLEK, NYC 2018

I have been Steward of the Doggie Diner Dog Heads since 1988.










Ronald McDonald’s 50th birthday, May 30th 2005.

Joe Camel 1996 photo by Nicole Rosenthal

In 1977, I co-founded (along with David T. Warren {Irving Glikk} and Jayson Wechter {Simon Wagstaff} and directed (for 35 years) The Billboard Liberation Front.








at Burning Man 1991 on the Black Rock Desert. best movie on BM here



Past projects include: co-founding the Burning Man Festival an event I parted ways with in 1996.





I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area and spend a lot of time in Detroit




Suicide Club

Cacophony Society

Doggie Diner

Billboard Liberation Front

Survival Research Labs

SF Neon Talk on SF classic neon signage hosted by Randall Ann Homan & Al Barna




Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society – 2013, co-authors Kevin Evans, Carrie Galbraith. Paperback reprint to be available late 2018.

“The Space Between” – December 2008, Furnace Press. Out of print.


Media (a small and very random collection of links to various Cacophony-centric, BM or other related events and stories):

Project Mayhem: Inside the Wild World and History of SF’s Cacophony Society 7X7 Magazine 

“An Oral History of Burning Man, the Biggest, Weirdest, Most Clothing-Optional Desert Carnival on the Planet”
by Brad Wieners, Outside Magazine, October 2012

“Paris’s Suburban Underground”
Julia Solis, National Geographic

“Who the hell is John Law?”
Mark Beers, Comet Magazine

Burning Man rogue founder Ready to talk after 20 years – Reno Gazette 8/14/17  (note – tie dye guy on first page NOT me!!!)

“Face Time John Law”
Louise Rafkin, San Francisco Chronicle, Sunday, November 4, 2001

“Gargolyles Over Manhattan”
by Brad Wieners, Blue, June

“Suicide Sports”
by Brad Wieners, The City, October 1991

photo by Scott Beale

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